8 million alliance looking to fill 2 spots. Line required. We hit SA 40-70 every week. Run map 5


Hey all! We are looking for 2 players 200+ to join a very active alliance who runs map 5 on placement days and map 3 on attack days. We are currently silver 2 but added some new amazing players and are shooting for gold 2. Line is required because communication is key. We run 2 groups for war because life happens and understand if people need a day off from war. We want fun people who know what they are doing but are always here to help if you need guidance. You should be able to complete map 5, and have a decent team for war defense. Post here and I will get you more information or contact in game xWARxMACHINEx. Let's make sure it's a good fit for you and us.


  • Jesterj8Jesterj8 Posts: 48
    Oh yeah! Almost forgot, we cover all time zones so you will always be able to get max alliance points.
  • Can you send a screen shot of your alliance summoner advancement here.
  • My game username is - Atharva Sohani
  • Jesterj8Jesterj8 Posts: 48
    Something must have been typed wrong. It looks like that name has a 36k total rating.
  • Jesterj8Jesterj8 Posts: 48
  • Are you all able to unlock rank rewards for SA
  • Reverb79Reverb79 Posts: 13
    Hi, I’m interested s my username is Chavai79, look me up and let me if you are unterested.
    - Best
  • Can i join?
    See my game id
    Game username - Atharva Sohani.
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