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Weird AW fight. Please help me by explaining what happened.


so a couple of minutes ago i had a really strange fight in AW, i was fighting a non dupe Doctor Voodoo on node 34 with my blade,
we are tier 3 and the node list is:

200% Champion Boost
100% Health
Plagued Mind
Burden of Might
Cornered (300%)

Now at the beginning of fight i tried to parry Doctor Voodoo but my parries did not stun him and he didn't get the bleed, it still showed the green parry text though, then later into the fight he activated a sp2 I tried to evade it, but it got me even though i was pretty sure i got the timing right. After that i parried him again a couple of times and sometimes he got stunned and bleed sometimes only the bleed and sometimes nothing at all. This all leads me to believe that for some reason my ability accuracy was reduced by a significant amount, but I have absolutly no idea why.
Frist i thought maybe it was Doctor Voodoos Debuff but then i remembered he wasn't even duplicated.
I also considered the asssassin mastery but I started to fight at 60% and kept my HP around that level until i got struck by the sp2.

Please help me understand what actually happend, it triggers me when I lose a fight and don't understand why.
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