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Gold 2, AQ map 5x5, balanced, active but chill - need 1 player

Need one more experienced, preferably veteran who is still looking for activity and fun in this game but isn’t hardcore crazy and willing to be patient with us. We’re moving up quickly and just entered gold 2 after finishing in gold 3 every other season. We did this naturally by just playing better, but to be clear - we will never be a group who requires someone to pay to win, use all of their items, or rank certain champs for war. We want to advance and succeed and get to at least gold 1 by skill and activity, but don’t want to sacrifice our friendships and fun and sanity in this game to do it.

We run map 5x5 and on our best weeks finish over 100 million or more - just looking for a strong player to round things out and keep us above that goal. We always finish in what would have been expert tier before, and get the full basic tier 4 catalyst for the week ending.

We use line for all of our communications, and require minimum donations to run map 5 all week. We emphasize patience, growth, friendship, respectfulness, positivity and natural progression above everything else, and it’s kept us together and growing for a long time when others have crumbled under the pressure of these seasons.

If any of this catches your eye and you would like more details, feel free to reach out on Line or on here - line id is Nick Caine, and you can also find our officers JChanceH9 or DodgeX on there as well. Alliance name is Jr Champs.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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