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3* Gauntlet Ideas?

What if Kabam added a new SOLO person gauntlet using only 3* champs on attack?

Item use of boosts and other potions would be BLOCKED, so that players cannot gain an advantage through spending. Suddenly it’s a level playing field, but with bragging rights, milestone and rank rewards....

Once a week a new gauntlet arises. You see how far you can make it into the gauntlet using only 3* champs on attack. Maybe in one gauntlet you can only bring 1 champ on attack, but maybe another week you could bring 10 attackers. Mix it up Kabam!

Your results are shared with your alliance and friends, and there is also a global leader board. The new player of 3 months with max skill could compete with the old veterans in this event.

You have 7 days to see how far you can make it into the gauntlet. Your champs need 24 hours to refresh, and you cannot spend units to refresh faster. It would be maximally important to prevent advantages by spending units. We can use other 3* champs to try attacking in different ways on the same day. So 3* champs become relevant again, but they don’t require exhausting large resources to rank up. Suddenly people can easily rank up a variety of easy to get 3* attackers and we could ENJOY ALL THE CHAMPS IN THE GAME because each week different champs can become MVP depending on how they set the scoring and nodes. I think almost everyone is tired of using the same few champs on attack.

Maybe one week the nodes have heal block and you lose bonus points for each hit it takes to kill a defender? There would be many possibilities to have unique scoring systems to maximize strategy each week.

We want more strategy and more variety of champ use please!! I’d love to see this type of *SOLO* player gauntlet for 3* champs. How about you?


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