Sig adamantium skeleton, gives him a 75% chance to shrug off debuffs cased by blunt force trauma(stun, concussion, parry) causing him to become enraged any time an enraged is active it increases any contact hits attack by 7% this does not stack.

passive ability's
Any projectile attract that cases physical damage has a fifty percent chase to be caught and turned back upon the enemy (energy based projectiles would not be affected).
As the fight drags on Bullseye becomes board(every 12 seconds) he gains a creative psychopath charge thinking up ways to make the enemy bleed, this causes his next hit to refresh any bleeds active and if none are present places a creative bleed which impairs your opponents sight thus decreasing attack and cutting the chance for an evade in half also dealing your attack rating in damage over six seconds.
All special attacks have a fifty percent chance to be unblockable

Did you drop this
he whips a coin a high velocity at any open wound refreshing any bleeds including creative bleeds, for their normal durashion if none are present. he aims at an eye removing depth preconception for fifteen seconds blocking any evades or dexterity from triggering.


Removing a shrunken from his belt he hurls it at his opponent causing a bleed lasting fifteen seconds that deals 150% his attack rating. he then leaps forward and strikes the opponent with his adamantium loaded fist causing a stun or concussion, the stun lasting for 2 seconds and the concussion lasting for 15 seconds removing any evade and degrading the opponents ability accuracy by 100% (75% chance for the stun 25% for the concussion on the shrunken hit).


Would you care for a toothpick
Bullseye picks his teeth with a toothpick and then throws it at his opponents jugular causing a massive bleed that deals 200% of his attack rating and lasts for 10 seconds.

Tags villain, sinister six

Class Skill


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