War defense change suggestion

I would like to make a suggestion to help drive the alliance war meta a little more... I am a low power player, nowhere near the top of war, but I get the sense that war is a little stale at the top... even where I am there’s very little true strategy to it...

So I propose the following: instead of local nodes being assigned to each node, have the player placing select the local nodes he wants when placing his champion (and allow officers to change it, of course)... basically, you would take all the existing local nodes and put them in a list on the side (in some fashion), and each node could “hold” the same number of local nodes they already do... then the alliance, when placing defenders, would choose which nodes get which buffs.

I feel this would increase the strategy required in war, give teams an opportunity to play with various defensive setups, and force people to change the traditional “lanes” they may currently take, which would allow the games meta to flow more easily.


  • They just need to go back to hidden nodes... that will increase the overall difficulty across all boards.... either give us more mastery points so we can unlock and utilize the spyglass masteries ( and make them less expensive to acquire). Or only let special champs like Heimdel know what they are getting ready to face..
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