Game is down? [Merged Threads]

KingsamKingsam Posts: 103
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Why? Third time today


  • Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829
    Did anyone else having issues ????
  • Hey kabam this needs to be fixed im using way to many revives and health and losing arena time from the connection issues and game crashing
  • DrdifferentDrdifferent Posts: 18
  • DragonFire2DragonFire2 Posts: 181
    Yep, game is down again.
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 237
  • Yes
  • yep, midfight suddenly hang and then got kicked out
    awesome kabam! let's screwed all your customers and players 5 times a day, 30 days a month!
  • BsuGuyBsuGuy Posts: 8
    Yeah, its definitely down again
  • IksdjvanIksdjvan Posts: 202
  • Right in the middle of dungeons run...
  • Kw4zyKw4zy Posts: 8
    Yeah and I was in the middle of a dungeon with my top cosmic guys being used. And of course they won’t compensate anyone.
  • GK_23GK_23 Posts: 72
  • Really kabam?? And you guys wonder why we say your idea of (compensation) is not enough.
  • I think your antman got stucked in the Quantum realm :D
  • sad was playing war
  • Went down during a war fight for me.
  • Kade7175Kade7175 Posts: 230
    Down. Again. Again
  • QuikPikQuikPik Posts: 178
    Yes game is down for at least the third time in 30 hours. This time I was mid dungeon which I can kiss goodbye. Yesterdays outage was even worse for us. We are somehow participating in 2 wars because our war was reset twice yesterday.
  • Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829
    Damn... thankfully I completed my AW fight .... saved by seconds.... thank you kabam 😂😂😂😜
  • I just used a 20% boost...literally like 2 sec before it went down.
  • AndrewAndrew Posts: 238
    i was in the middle of the alliance war fight, damn it
  • BK_1BK_1 Posts: 145
    Is the “appreciation” week coming online tomorrow? Might be why. #feelingappreciated.
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