Updates to Event quests !?

Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534 ★★★
So it's been so long since the master difficulty was introduced and since then it has been same old, same old for almost every month. As game is moving forward, how about some changes to these as well.
Here are some ideas :

1) Unlock the master difficulty from the start. I know that I, and there are probably many others, who don't want to do 100% heroic everytime before getting to master difficulty. Fighting ~600 - 2000 PI guys just seems boring after a while. So we should be able to just do the master one if we want.

2) Heroic + Master give just 1000 5* shards combined. That's per month. Since the game is moving towards the 5*s, the shards should be increased. Like 4* shards were increased to 1000 in master, increase the 5* to a 1000 as well. I mean heroic and master give the same amount of 5* shards. That's just weird.

3) Special Event Quests : They are a good addition, and imo these should be there every month. Like rifts, scrapyard, stark assignments etc. But they should not be random like they are this month. Make them like rifts, always staying there and we can choose to unlock them whenever we want. So we don't have to miss them while we're sleeping or working or something like that. (Oh and we would love some rifts-like rewards)

4) Every month there are two new featured champs, with these quests, so the heroic and master exploration should include a 3* version of these champs. Just like you did with Groot when he was introduced. Would be a great chance to those who don't grind arenas to test out the new champs, and since it's a 3* it won't affect the game that much.
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