Alliance Looking for Members

Hey all. We have had a massive purging of drop kicks in our alliance. Attempted a merger that turned out to be with another set of drop kicks so we decided to take the long route in making our old alliance a great top tier alliance.

Mainly Australia based, We have 10 experienced daily players that do more than just play. We have constant comms and develop strategies for wars and quests.

We are seeking to fill this team up with fun, sick people that know how to have a laugh, are skilled and most importantly keep up with our level of play.

Minimum 150k rating - line required
The 10 of us breeze through map 5s in quest which will be our main focus for player progression.

Hit me up on line to find out more, happy to chat with anyone that feels they can fill the position.

Line ID -ItzWinston
Or PM me yours and I'll add you
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