5.2.6 Was actually not that bad?!

So guys, I feel like 5.2.6 was a bit overhyped. I just did it with 200 units (5 lvl 2 revives) plus 5 more lvl 2 revives in my stash, and a lvl 3 team revive. From what I’ve heard people have been saying you need to bring like 1000 units in and that the collector is almost impossible, but he was kind of easy I guess? Give me your thoughts


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    If you have the items in your stash then it helps but add up the coat of all those and you end up with a decent prolice tag, somewhere around 600 units if I'm not mistaken... I only spent about 300 and I had crappy champs...
  • Depends on your roster, your experience with the game etc etc

    Collector is not easy by any means.
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    Yeah... Same here. I thought it was over hyped. I did it with 140 units a few boosts and an empty inventory. All I had was a 5/50 4*, a 3/45 5*, and the rest were 4/40 4*. I was expecting it to be harder tbh
    Edit:I checked and I did actually have 25 L1 health and 15 L2 health. That's it though.
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    Looking at the map, it actually looks like less of a challenge than 5.2.4....It would be easy enough for me to do, but the Cable Ambush has me scared cause most of everyone relies on debuffs for power control....an skill champs nearly all bleed and only one with immunities (Korg) so idk 😐
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    It’s not THAT hard but it is a very unfair fight regardless.
  • I just became uncollected a yesterday and it wasnt that hard. Only cost me 300 units.
  • Wasn't too hard even without DD. Didn't cost any unit for one run, only a few revive from overflow stash. Likely will reduce the revive usage if I can get an awakened DD.
  • Well 1k units is a guideline for players who are trying to do it when it is below their skill level.

    When I did it on my main account in March with one 5/50 it cost me 800 units plus some stash, I recently did it with my alt account with 4/40s and it cost me nothing but 5 team revives that i had in stash. Although my main account is now Elders bane so I believe that the experience of exploration does help when going back and doing it again.
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    With all the guides and new champs out there, I doubt anyone will find Collector as difficult as when we did when 5.2 first dropped and no one knew what Grandmaster's Favor is
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    5.2.4 was the worst for me. I made a few small attempts spent units built up for a good run with a heavy stash and 1000 units only to be bested by cable. This deterred me for 6 months but eventually with a growing roster and seeing the advantage of the daily uncollected crystal I tried again and got through it (but didn't run into cable). So going forward I thought it would be worse.5.2.5 came and went then the end. the collector. I think I died more to yondu then to the collector. Alot of it was knowing the collector was a revive and go boss.
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    what team did you use? as I recall, fighting him with 4/40 wasn't easy. also any fight you can't one shot should be considered relatively difficult
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    Aleor wrote: »
    what team did you use? as I recall, fighting him with 4/40 wasn't easy. also any fight you can't one shot should be considered relatively difficult

    I used exclusively a 4/40 unduped corvus at 4 charges for the collector
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    i Have uncollected on 5 accounts so far and i used only 1 team revive for each atm . you just need the experience on collecter
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    5-50 Spark on Trinity team, collector cost me 5 revives...the 20% ones. I had more trouble with 5.2.4. But I had the benefit of YouTube. The pioneers didn't.
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    What was your squad? I’m at 5.2.4 but haven’t attempted it. I took a dab and passed 1-3 fairly quickly, just one revive. But haven’t really ventured into 4-6.
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    Lol this is an old post guys
  • I just became uncollected a yesterday and it wasnt that hard. Only cost me 300 units.

    Lol same only the actual clear was zero. The celebratory fgmc was the extent of the spent units.
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    Depends on your roster a lot

    5/50/99 Hulk
    5/50/20 Sparky
    Plus a 4/55 AA for the beginning

    That all makes the fight cost dirt cheap in the long run

    Go in there lacking a champs that can deal massive damage, auto dodge specials and rip apart his early game and it’s ginna be rough!

    Best strategy I’ve used is run AA first, my other 2, use Sparky, pop a 40% into hulk and block like your dependable on it, bait his heavy attacks and smashing him with combos and pray unstoppable ends soon!
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    Yeah it's not hard after fighting him after 7 times....
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