Constant shut downs

The game keeps shutting down during versus at the end of fights. It is getting annoying. This is on android


  • DarkArrow07DarkArrow07 Posts: 109
    Mine will stay loading forever even though I have full signal. Drives me nuts. I have to restart the game several times a day bc of this.
  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 62
    mine does the same thing, happens frequently. Shut downs at the end of fights in both quests as well as at the end of Arena fights (once I lost the fight because of this)
  • ZermanceZermance Posts: 3
    Mine is also shutting down at the end of arena fights. I am using a Samsung note 5
  • KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,031 ★★★
    Apologies if I've said this before, but I have been having the same issue in aq, aw, and quests. It completely sabotaged my plans for going for a legend title, I lost 43 minutes in first quest of heroic due to freezing loading screens and then unresponsive restarts after force quitting. I lost health, and had to repeat fights, it has prevented me from doing all 4 stark assignments, and I'm basically ready to give it up. I wasted 3k units on energy to make a run and I'm sure there will be no response from kabam or second chance given once this is fixed, if ever.

    Notice how the mods are avoiding these discussions ?
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