To prevent exploitation, we will prevent new Accounts from being able to Gift enlistment crystals. We will also be taking action on those who are using 3rd Party Sellers, Bots and other farms to gift themselves mass amounts of Enlistment Crystals. Lastly, we will be adding an expiration timer to Enlistment Crystals. All unopened Enlistment Crystals will expire on Oct 18 @ 17:00 UTC. For more information, please see this post: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/346104/updates-to-enlistment-gifting-event
We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.


30alliance members 6-8from America or Australia. 22-24from Europe.
Preferrably 150k+ rating, depends on activity and champions.

The nice new future of the Alliance Quest gives us a chance of keeping the prestige low but still aim for high. Everyone will benefit from the rewards as long as they do their best.

LINE is a must. Also communicating with your bg officers is a must! Be online at least 3times a day for the best progression and keep in contact on LINE as much as possible for your hobbylife.

Bg1: 5-3-5-3-5
Bg2: 3-3-3-3-3
Bg3: 3-2-3-2-3

Donations: 20k gold - 5k bc - 2k loyalty
Work towards map5! Future plans may change.
If you want to get higher and do more then contact an officer or the leader! Also when you donate you are in for a whole week! So join the right bg! If you join the wrong one you take someone else his/her spot! And thats not cool! So know what you're up to and message an officer or leader if something in that week comes up! Also you have a chance of switching with a player midweek, it works the same as at your job. Tell an officer or leader about the swap and wait till you have an "Ok".

AW: Aiming for gold1 and be active in your AW group chats!

Minimum event scores:
Item use -1500
Completion - 8000
Champion use - 30k

Don't sell champs! Don't use mods or piloting! Don't be rude or mean!

What to do if you want to become an officer? Be active, be nice, talk a lot with the leadership and help out others. Earn your spot.

We do get that people have families and other things to do but please talk to your bg officers and tell them ahead of time! If something happens that day to you, please let us know as soon as possible. We won't get mad that fast 😜 3strikes and you will be up for debate on kicking. We might say: give him/her another try.

If this sounds nice, add me in Line fieldminister2 or our leader TriasEU or ingame Fieldminister/TriasEU
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