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Sabretooth needs better n fresh moveset

Sabretooth is a character I do not have as a 5* and I do not want him, my feeling towards him are the same to Killmonger who I have a duped 5* & I am not pleased or a fan of his.

These two characters moveset is stiff to move unlike gwenpool moves elegantly n swiftly.

Now back to sabretooth.. he should be GOD tier but his moves lets him down n I haven’t mentioned the specials yet..

1. He has Claws n should be doing helluva damage with bleeds but his bleed is only active on specials

2. His bleeds stacks are low compared to other bleed users champs like gwenpool, blade, Elektra, guillotine .. all these champs cause bleed without specials n more than him

3. He’s s badass but his moves don’t do him justice, he’s stiff to move n lacks a certain killer instinct (same to Killmonger)
- his sp3 should be him playing with his prey by flinging him/her across the room n chasing them
- Followed by vicious sashes n a
devastating headbutt
- ensure with killer a smile n a bite to its neck/head where it’s special end with a wild roar

Now to his standard move, heavy attack & SP1n SP2 idk needs more tweaking


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