5x5 AQ • Tier 5, Gold 1 AW • looking to replace some jumpers •

Disadvantaged Rebels are looking to replace a few guys we got to replace some retiring members, turns out they were jumpers, incapable of understanding that in an off season war, we relax a little and let people try new things.

So here’s a little about us.
We run AQ at a starting prestige of about 6000, running Map 5x5, scoring around 123 million.

In war during season we hang around 1700-1800 war rating, Finishing in the top 500 of gold 1 in season 3 easily.

We’re a fun bunch that work hard when needed to get the job done, so if that sounds like something you’re interested in and you meet the requirements below feel free to hit us up.

•Roughly 5500 prestige (ideally 3 or more 5* 4/55s and 6*)
•Skilled enough to clear your own lane in AQ and AW
•Experience with the newer minibosses preferred.
•A large roster of champions ranked at 4* 5/50 or 5* equivalent.

Still interested? Join the link below



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