SW & OG Thor - still worth rankup?

Scarlet Witch and Thor ruled MCOC back before 12. If you had them, they were two characters you'd definitely max out. Is that still the case?

I'm building a questing team for Act 5. On the Mystic front, I have SW and Doctor Voodoo at 4/40—both duped and 4☆. SW is sig 99, DV is sig 48. I have the resources to take only one of them to 5/50. DV is the better choice for rank up given his utility, but the goal is getting through Act 5. Some of what I've read online seems to say SW is better than DV for Act 5. Then, I'll read something that says the reverse. I've tried to keep the online research current (articles from 2018), but the material continues to be conflicted. What are your thoughts on which of the two is better for becoming Uncollected.

Finally, what about OG Thor? Is he still a viable option for Act 5? Currently, my awakened 4☆ Thor is rank 4/40, sig 69. I do have the resources to put him at 5/50. Should I max him out?

One last thought, Scarlet Witch and Thor do not have 5☆ versions, so ranking them up wouldn't necessarily be wasted materials. Comparatively, if I ranked up 4☆ Doctor Voodoo and then pulled a 5☆ version, I'd view that rank up as a misappropriation of resources.


  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    I like DV more because he's consistent with damage (except against poison immune) and power control. SW though is a high risk and high reward champion. Don't feel like that you'd waste resources if you rank either one of them even if you get a 5* DV because the rewards from Act 5 completion/exploration will make up for it.

    Don't rank up Thor though. Imo he's a waste of resources after 12.0.

    Eh… Thor is actually kinda fun against Masochism 😂
  • I'd definitely say DR.V. His spirit venom is very useful & his power steal would do good against the Collector.
  • DV. But SW is still great if she has a high sig level. get a fury or two along with a cruelty buff and pop that s2 and you can see some big fat crits.
  • Thor is a staple In my collection I have mine 4* max sig 96. With he duel parry for x2 armor break then heavy attack destorys enemy's. Good for evade champs parry heavy rinse repeat good for tough long fights. Add 10% or more power boost see what happens 😚 that's to kiss there *** go9dbye. Try this put 10% power boost on run up sp2 almost to 3. Then parry once but perfered 2x for armor break then Use sp2 dash towards them, heavy again, if in corner after sp2 2x heavy, then 5 hit combo before stun off, end with sp1 stun, , should be in corner now, heavy, heavy 5 hit combo sp1. Right there... 1 sp2, 2 sp1 and 2 5 hit combo 3-4 heavys with max Thor would be around 60-85k dam damage if not more. And would be once continuous attack. I've run act 5.2 just with thor and all power boost. 18*-23% Great for aq aw sentenails sit back parry heavy a few time off parry then bam dead. sink ur sig stones in him and max him. When I was running suicides would get 9k-11k sp1, 20-35ksp2 sp3 road kill.High Demi God
  • Abraxas365Abraxas365 Posts: 14
    Thanks for the comments, they did provide some insight for this dilemma.

    My consideration of this matter has been tabled since I pulled a 4* Blade. Currently, I'm putting my resources in him and will revisit this at a later date.
  • MonasouMonasou Posts: 142
    I would definitely say yes to SW. i can still use her on day 5 map 5 and watch her crush things.
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,598 ★★★
    Yes. Scarlet Witch at 5/50 with max sig is one of the best champs in the game for all available story and EQ content. No question. Especially, when boosted up. She flat out wrecks a good portion of Act 5 and monthly events.
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