10m prestige ITALIAN alliance looking for 3 >250k players

Hi everyone.
We’re a 10m italian alliance and we’re looking for hiring players with rating above 250k to build up a team able to get to GOLD 2 in the next season. 4 new players already joined the crew at the end of the last season (we finished at SILVER 2, but playing with 2 battlegroups only).
Here the details: Telegram app needed for communications; minimum donations to afford AQ55333 or 55533 (15k gold, 6k arena, 3k loyalty); open SA; AQ and wars are launched at about 9:00PM CET (GMT +1).

More useful infos: we accept short inactivity time only if prevoiusly informed; we usually achieve the top milestone reward in all alliance events, except for the ones that rely on playing arenas.

I will be glad to offer more details if needed.
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