The one good thing about Emma Frost's diamond form is...

... you can get a lot of practice evading her specials in Heroic. Usually, if you try to practice in Heroic you have the problem that if you bring something high that can eat a lot of specials and damage you deal too much damage to the boss and it dies too quickly. But if you bring something low that doesn't deal a lot of damage then *you* die too quickly if you eat too many specials trying to practice. But with Emma, you can bring a pretty high health champion in there to practice evading her reverse controlled specials and she won't die when you attack her to give her energy. I brought a 5/50 Ghost Rider into heroic to practice and Emma managed to get to thirteen specials before finally dying.

First attempt: out of thirteen I straight up ate five, partially evaded six, and completely evaded two. Specifically, I ate the first three, and then after that I got into a rhythm of at least partially evading the first part most of the time, but I ate two more when I was too close and got smacked while in the process of backing away (which reversed me into charging toward her). And at the end I completely evaded two out of four, so maybe I was getting the hang of it.

Based on that initial attempt in heroic, I think at least the reversed controls aspect of Emma is not unbeatable, and after I've practiced a dozen times on Heroic and then another dozen times on Master it will likely be completely manageable in Uncollected. I'm not sure what's being referred to when some players have said the control reverse happens *before* the special, but it seems to me it is possible to cue on the special and "forward evade" away from it. We'll see how the difficulty scales up with regard to the other nasty aspects of her.


  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 994 ★★★
    I found that the cue is mostly fine, if I miss it, it's really on me for trying to stick in another hit. You don't rush fighting Emma basically.

    I also found that evading the first, then just blocking the second and dashing in then makes life easier. It works in Heroic and Master at least. Tomorrow I'll be heading into completion for Uncollected, but I intend to at least try it there as well. Worst case I die..
  • I was having difficulty dodging the first portion of her sp1... I can evade the rest, but the first portion is difficult to evade as you have to cue in on her use of the special and not accidentally dodge backwards... Basically you have to anticipate her use of sp1 and dodge forward which is what the difficult part is for me...
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 994 ★★★
    Yeah, I'm not saying I'm foolproof either on that hahaha. Wish I were.
    I've died several times just missing it. But getting better at it still, so there is that as well.

    What I do now, is the moment she hits the first bar, back off and play the evade game. With some distance it works so much better. Standing close she'll likely kill you (but that's probably mostly me being too slow...)
  • Ragman23 wrote: »
    Can u tell how much damage u take blocking/parrying first hit. I'm successful at evading second blast, but still struggling with visual cue and timing with that first one. This is only 1 run at her in heroic using 3*.

    Not yet. There are Youtube videos of people trying this out that you might get good data from, but I've actually never blocked the first part yet, oddly enough, to compare. In the two runs I've done so far, I've either successfully evaded the first part, or taken it directly to the face. I haven't tried blocking the first part and evading the second part yet.
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    Take wolverine in there.. with a 3 or 4at full power she'll stay in diamond form constantly. You'll get plenty of practice and just heal up as you make a mistake. Someone else shared this yesterday. Great idea. Good luck everyone
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    @Bapoi, let us know how that run on Uncollected goes and if your strategy works. I'm still a ways away from completing my work through of Heroic and Master around my job (working 12 hour days this week has made playing time rather limited so far), but I'd like to know if your strategy pans out. Also, let us know what champs you choose to tackle her with.

    Cheers and good luck on that Uncollected run!
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