They need a buff

In light of these new danger rooms
I think it's about time the daily quests and proving grounds got a buff because we want to rank up our lower characters but to take a 3* to rank 4 takes about 7 days (without good luck from chest and buying offers)
To take a 4* to 3/30 takes about a week
The T2CC comes in terribly small doses 1 fully formed for completion and exploration and maybe 50% in fragments isn't gonna gonna cut it anymore (I don't think it ever did) buffing it to 2 fully formed T2CC (excluding chest and buying offers) is more than enough
1 T2CC for completion and one for exploration
Same for T3B maybe 2, 2.50 or 2.25 for completion and exploration is great (again excluding chests and offers)
Would really like to see something like this implement in to the game in the near future
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