[Android] 20.0 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • IGN: Spikeyy
    Samsung S7
    Android 8.0
    20.0.1 version

    Game is freezing in loading screen when i press war page or alliance page. I can't even place my champs at the moment and this situation makes me think that how would i even success during attack phase? We are competing wars in platinum 1 and this situation is not cool. I am looking forward to hear from you asap!
  • Device and Model: LG G7 ThinQ
    Device Operating System: android 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both.
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.0
    Game Mode: All of them
    Description of the Issue: Extraordinary lag and reduction in frame rate. Game is virtually unplayable now. Just got the phone and happened since i first downloaded the game onto it. Tried all the troubleshooting steps and nothing works. I'm going to get kicked out of my ally for not being able to fight. Sent 2 tix about it already. Someone please help!
  • _Adnan8806__Adnan8806_ Posts: 33
    Respected Kabam
    I am facing Too much lag my device is very powerful with the processor of Snapdragon 835
    So it means this is not my device issue it's your problem after this update the lag rating is increasing toooo much so please please it's my request to please solve this
  • Имя в игре Jlexa2307
    Устройство и модель Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro 2/16
    Версия андроид 6.0.1
    Версия игры 20.0.1
    Игровой режим,во вкладке криссталы жуткие лаги,на сюжетном задании,война союзов лагает сама карта,при загрузке боя в начале сильный лаг
  • Good afternoon,
    This is very disapponing to see an attitude of the game developers regarding release stabilization after the last update. The main problems are the following: constant lug in time during the fight (for few seconds), during viewing maps, going through the mission maps of the union and unions wars, during openning crystal tab and in other places,
    The only problem before the update was long loading of the fight - 10-15 seconds.
    phone model Samsung A3
    RAM 1.5 Gb
    ROM 16 Gb
    There is no apps except MCOC uses device memory.
    As I know the problem is not only with my phone model.
    Look forfawrd to see improvements for the game
  • SADDANSADDAN Posts: 19
    SADDAN wrote: »
    In-Game Name: Saddan Hussein
    Device and Model: Redmi Note 2
    Device Operating System: Android 5.0.2 (MIUI 9)
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi (have not tested cellular)
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Danger modes, opening crystals and just everywhere in general
    Description of the Issue: lagging, choppiness, in game freezing making it impossible to have fair fights.

    PS: This has never happened to me before, only in this month's update.

    New In-Game Name: Skalibull_
  • AlphabreakAlphabreak Posts: 6
    I'm using an LG Stylus 3, android 7, and experiencing lag in all game modes, to include during menu operations.
  • In-Game Name: Mega Pidgeot
    Device and Model: Samsung Grand Duos GT-I8092L
    Device Operating System: 4.2.2
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: When a fight starts on any mode game gets really slow for the first 6-7 seconds then it works ok for a few seconds but becomes laggy again. This is really frustrating and annoying when fighting a mini boss or final boss on alliance quest or war and even on uncollected event quest. It also lags a lot when trying to scroll on crystal vault to open any crystal and game become unresponsive and it also happens the same thing when scrolling on maps on war, alliance quest and event quest.
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,146 ★★★
    Darkstar 4387
    Moto E4 plus
    Cellular data

    Massive lag in almost all areas of the game.

    1. The loading screen times went up al lot and my less powerful 2nd phone is loading faster then this one and it's just with this game.

    2. Checking my allaince information takes forever and the help 4 just stops working forcing me to go off the page.

    3. Going to the crystal tab and waiting for all the assests to load so I can open crystals is taking minutes.

    4. The champion Information tab is taking an extremely long time to load the all the assets and champion portraits and everything then navigaties away from the page.

    5. Adding champions to teams is also taking long to for the same reason as number 4.

    6. Loading the war and quests is taking awhile plus pre fight is lagging badly.

    7. Getting disconnected while moving away from the app causes it to disconnect.

    8. Other champions appear where they aren't supposed to or merge together or don't fit in their borders corvus is to big and his head his near his name.

    9. Block timing is off, they drop blocks, ai reaction and speeds increase causing them to block, read, react and recover much faster than we can and they can turn into mind reading nightcrawlers and parry you every single time or interrupt your attacks and specials.

    10. Loading up the defensive page for war is taking forever to load and portrait and assets are taking forever to load so is the offensive side but not nearly as bad as the defensive side

    11. Random network connection errors on and off throughout the day.

    And more and I know it's not my phone or network since literally everything else is working perfectly fine including the more demanding games and apps that I use and streaming and more.

    Some these aren't new but have gotten way way worse since the updates and new content and changes and I really hope you actually fix and address ASAP because it's starting to tick me off and frustrated me at how unplayable this game is becoming with little to no sign of improvement.
  • In-Game name Darkudorago
    Device: Kindle fire g7
    Wi-Fi connection optimal
    Version installed: 20.0.1

    2. Lag in the beginning of the fight.
    3. Extreme lag and stalls when trying to open crystals, freezes, champion portrait disappearers so does energy information which persists even after navigating away from the game.
    4. Getting disconnected when moving to other apps.
    5. Crashing
    6. Network connection issues
    7. Slow movement when navigating maps
    8. Long loading times when checking champions, portrait of champions load slow, when checking them and switching between them it has a small spinning circle for a but before they load and slowdowns when scrolling down champions
    9. Slow loading on home screen
    10. Slow start up
    11. Champions refusing to move properly
    12. Getting specials blocked at alarming clip
    13. Other champions still appearing in information screen
    14. Game crashing before I open crystals and getting 2 star of crystals auto stopping on 2 star
  • I have noticed in the crystal room, that I seem to have to wait for the chat line at the bottom and my avatar to load before I can start scrolling through the different crystal tabs. If I try before they load, it just does nothing. Not sure if this is helpful.
  • snowhuntsnowhunt Posts: 4
    edited September 2018
    In-Game Name: Snowhunt

    Device and Model: OPPO A39 Model CPH1605

    Device Operating System: Color OS V3.0.0i, Android version 5.1

    Cellular or WiFi: both cellular and wifi

    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1

    Game Mode: moving in world map (all game mode) and champs selection (all game mode)

    Description of the Issue: Sometimes it works fine with no lag, and sometimes freezing/lagging so much i can barely move. Happened mostly when i am trying to move in the quest/aq/aw map, crystal vault and champs selection screen.

    Funny thing is I always start any fight lagging horribly but after both champs reaching the center, I can fight mostly normal (sometimes still lagging though)

    I already disabled all chats since around a month ago.

    How long: Can't say for sure but around a week now

  • onixione4 wrote: »
    Good afternoon,
    This is very disapponing to see an attitude of the game developers regarding release stabilization after the last update. The main problems are the following: constant lug in time during the fight (for few seconds), during viewing maps, going through the mission maps of the union and unions wars, during openning crystal tab and in other places,
    The only problem before the update was long loading of the fight - 10-15 seconds.
    phone model Samsung A3
    RAM 1.5 Gb
    ROM 16 Gb
    There is no apps except MCOC uses device memory.
    As I know the problem is not only with my phone model.
    Look forfawrd to see improvements for the game

    In-Game Name: OnixOne4.
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)
    Device Operating System: Android 7.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular and WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: All the problems described in the previous post

  • Name of the player: 1802anderson
    Device and Model: LG k10
    Device operating system: Android 6.0
    game description: 20.0.1
    Game mode: Everywhere in the game. But mostly in the room open crystals and maps of AQ, AW, monthly missions and Start of fights.
    Problem: Game slows down and hangs for a few seconds. The cell phone warms up a lot.
  • The lag wasn't fixed in the last version or even before that so wondering if these threads are any use?

    In-Game Name: RoffleCat
    Device and Model: Sony Xperia XZ
    Device Operating System: 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Mobile data (Plusnet) and WiFi (Plusnet and Sky)
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: Everywhere
    Description of the Issue: Laggy when moving around maps and at the beginning of fights.
  • In-game name: AhmedDare22
    Device and Model: Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30HC
    Device Operating System: Android 6.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Mode: Everything
    Description of the issue: It's a memory leak, problem isn't with our devices. Fix it.
  • Camby01Camby01 Posts: 34
    Gino1290 wrote: »
    Ign: gino1290
    Update 20.0
    Sprint is my carrier
    Every single game mode
    Multiple issues, on the 5th hit of my 5 hit combo i freeze and am instantly getting hit(aq is really bad) my attack pauses mid combo and my opponent gets off a special attack!!! If an opponent throws a special(especially beam attacks) im frozen when i try and charge forward i punch mid air and then get punished!!! I charge and dash backwards or pull back to block and i rush into an attack ( and NO IM NOT FIGHTING EMMA FROST) basically my controls are messed up ,ive submitted these problems with 19.0 and 19.1(which fixed iPhone problems) and have pretty much been ignored like its something ive done wrong!!! If u cant fix these problems just admit it so we can all quit!!

    Same issue, same phone, same carrier.
  • Camby01Camby01 Posts: 34
    Ign name is same as post
  • InGame name - Abhi007Uchiha
    Device Asus ZenFone 2
    Android 5.0
    Wi-Fi Connection
    Almost every game mode is experiencing lagging issues
  • In-Game Name: spider.kira
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S5
    Device Operating System: 8.1.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi & Cellular(Globe Ph)
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
    Game Mode: Arena - Champion Selection, Event Quest
    Description of the Issue:
    Arena-Champion Selection Screen
    this occurs after the update of omega red and emma frost events, Lag starts when the champions image starts to load. maybe each champion images loads up like 2-3 seconds. i dont think this is an issue about the phone because i didnt have this kind of problem on the previous versions of the game.

    Event Quest- on the map and pre fight character selection i am experiencing game stuttering.
  • In-Game Name: lordEsper
    Device and Model: lg legend
    Device Operating System: Android 5.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 20.0
    Game Mode: problem persists in every aspect of the game
    Description of the Issue: lagging so bad since update including 10 minute load loading wait to even search through crystals, lost several fights with no animation, takes a full 3 minutes getting from one node to the next, just generally unplayable
  • OmdhuleOmdhule Posts: 37
    edited September 2018
    Ingame name- omdhule123
    Details: Android 5.1.(Micromax Nitro 4g)
    Problems: Literally everything.
    Cellular or Wifi: both but mostly cellular.
    Game Version installed: 20.0
    The problem with me is utter lag in fights and the loading time has increased significantly after the update. Also the whole game is soooooo slow. It's literally unbearable. I myself wasn't able to make any progression in act 5 bcoz of the lag. Plz kabam fix this asap. This really makes me feel like leaving the game. Many times I rage quit bcoz of the lag. As I get hit. Unresponsive touch is also an issue. The update before this one had no issues. Plz fix this asap kabam. Counting on you for the last time😤😤
  • I don't know if it's just my phone ( Moto G5 Plus ) or not but my game crashes A LOT. Like really a lot. I can't do arena grind, can't do anything to be honest. It just crashes between anythng, AQ, AW, Quest, Arena, Dungeon and you just don't feel like opening game again especially in case of Arena.

    Just let us know if anything is gonna happen to fix this up because it's really irritating.
  • Mine is crashing after every third fight, then comes back up after 30 to 60 seconds.

    LG V20, Android 7.0, wireless 100 up, 11 down.

  • Device and Model: Apple iphone 7 / Ipad pro
    Device Operating System: 12.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Wifi &4G
    Game Version Installed: 20.0.0
    Game Mode: Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest and Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: major lag issues in fighting / Fight pages not opening (AW, AQ) / not receiving awards
  • Tarzan041Tarzan041 Posts: 102
    Samsung galaxy express prime
    Android 7.1
    The lag is so bad in thos update, I can't even hardly play arena, it takes.to long. My loading screens takes about 2 minutes in between fights, quest are much harder to play, at the start of each fight it lags, on dashing back and attacking it lags. It almost to the point that the game is becoming unplayable. I for one will not buy a new phone every few updates, I like thos game very much but I would stop playing before spending hundreds on a phone. My Kids have already had to stop, thier phones were 7.0, it became completely unplayable for them.
  • I'm running 3 different tablets using Android 6, 7 & 8
    Same issue with all, sever lag, long loading times, choppy play, the list goes on.

    Is it really so hard to understand that with the massive number of people reporting problems since the release of 20.0 that the problem is with the changes that took effect with that update? Surely you have as coders change log? Go back before 20.0 and start fresh, danger rooms might be gone but a small price to pay to be able to play the game again.
    With a game in existence as long as mcoc, a fix from the last update shouldn't take this long to happen.
    Also why no mention of this in the official "known bugs" thread?
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