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Save champion filters and sorting between arena fights

Badazz97Badazz97 Posts: 8
edited September 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
I really liked the patch that removed the unnecessary loading screens in arena, it really made grinding arena a lot smoother, but it could be even better if the filters and sorting we can apply in the champion selection screen, would save between arena series.

I don't think this would be difficult to do, but it would actually be a huge quality of life improvement for the most boring and tedious mode in this game :)


  • do you mean "champion class" or "champion star" filter , because i need the star filter to stay saved
  • binserya wrote: »
    do you mean "champion class" or "champion star" filter , because i need the star filter to stay saved

    i want all filter settings to stay saved ^^
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 13,161 ★★★★★
    I would also like this idea to be implemented. It's unnecessary to always have to select the same option after every arena battle.
    Maybe they could just "reset" automatically everytime the game is closed, and by the button on the top. Resetting after every arena battle is too annoying
    this is a good idea, that you could pre setup the first 10 rounds and don't wasting time selecting the champs
  • Six_strings6Six_strings6 Posts: 222 ★★
    I like this. I much prefer to have my champs sorted by hero rating rather than what it is now
  • BirdReynoldsBirdReynolds Posts: 522 ★★★
    This would be awesome. I’d also like to be able to sort in the champions screen by sig level. That would make me happy.
  • OzFearUsOzFearUs Posts: 232
    I would also love a "mass Help" button instead of clicking each and every one.
  • ZirarsonZirarson Posts: 22
    all great idea i agree. this may be irrelevant but I would also like to see signature level more easily on the champ list screen.
  • jkcjmijijkcjmiji Posts: 283
    I strongly agree with this idea. @Kabam Miike Please consider this.
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