Help me grow an alliance, please.

When I started the contest, my alliance leader after seeing my extreme growth over only 6 monrhs, asked me of i wanted to be leader, that he had to retire. I accepted. More than a year later and I've hit a wall. I need rank up stuff and 5 star shard, but my alliance just doesn't have the participating players. Me and my 4 officers are full time Doing eveeything, never skipping out. Also, we have like 5 members that contribute almost every time. The rest is just people who don't play for days at a time or play but don't do alliance stuff. We are Silver 3 in A.W. for quest we usually run map 2 + 3, and sometimes we can't finish 3. We need as many summoners with at least 100k to 200k rating as I can get. I have so many things I could do to improve this alliance, I just need the manpower (and womanpower).


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    Anyone who would care to join me is very welcome. The alliance name is "Bacon Eaters". Check it out. I don't want to leave the alliance, I want to grow it. I was going to try to find a new alliance. When I told my lead officer, he asked if he could come with me and he wanted to bring some of the others. Recently I decided I like being leader and I have the best officers. It's just the rest of the team. We have like 5 or 6 members that are lower than 100k but they participate so I would want to keep them.. 3 of my kids quit playing, but I left them in in case they started back up. My mini-me is one of my 4 officers. I wanna just clean out all the ones who arent playing and the couple leeches that don't participate or sometimes only enough to get some rewards. I wanna fill it up with people who want to earn fat rewards. So what do you guys say?
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