Dungeons Return Sept 17 - Oct 2

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Greetings Summoners!

In just under 1 week, Dungeons will return to the Contest once again! This time, with a change to the cadence of the events!

Firstly, we want to point out we had originally planned and announced that Dungeons would return on September 16th, but due to the schedule of other events currently running and those beginning next month, we opted to move the release date back by 1 day.

The big change this time? For these 15 days, instead of refreshing every day, events will last for 3 days at a time, with Milestones being re-tuned to reflect the extended period.

This means that a Dungeon Theme (eg. Science and Tech) will be available for 72 hours, so Summoners will have more agency over when they are able to commit some time to traverse these Dungeons. The rewards and Milestones have also been multiplied by 3, so you’ll still be able to get all of the Artifacts and Gold you were able to in the last iteration of Dungeons.


Keep in mind that while you have more time to complete these Milestones, the Champion Cooldown to enter dungeons remains unchanged! If you were able to clear all the Milestones in one session in the last iteration, you’ll probably find yourself using more of your Roster this time around. With the refresh timers on 5-Star and 6-Star Champions being 48 hours and 72 hours respectively, you’ll now be able to use those Champions in every event.

Remember, Artifacts are a permanent currency now, and you can carry them forward to the next iteration, which will debut in October. The crystals we announced in August are still available until the end of our 3rd iteration of Dungeons, so take a look at them in our first announcement thread here.

Ready your partners, and prepare to enter Dungeons once again! Dungeons return from Sept 17th until October 2nd! You must be at least Level 16 in order to participate in Dungeons.
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