Regarding: Mystical Mastery Core Refund

Hey Summoners,

Some of you have reported that you may not have received the correct refund for your previously purchased Mystical Master Cores. After doing some research, we have found some Summoners that did not receive the correct amount of Loyalty and Units that they should have.

What we discovered is that, while most Summoners were not affected, some Summoners did not receive resources that reflected the Data that we had collected.

We will be rectifying this issue in the coming days, and any Summoner that received less Loyalty or Units than they should have will receive the difference.

As a reminder, the refund includes all of the Units or Loyalty that you have historically spent on Mystical Mastery Cores. If you had purchased Mystical Mastery Cores with Units, you will receive the Unit value in return. If you had purchased Mystical Mastery Cores with Loyalty, had found them in a Quest, or had received them as a gift, you will receive the Loyalty value in return.

Thank you all for you patience as we worked to investigate this issue.
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