Guys my Gambit is duped.can i upgrade him by using tier 4 catalysts r keep him aside?


  • Please expand your question. Is this a could or should scenario because you can if you have the right catalysts and gold.
  • TajzzzTajzzz Posts: 78
    edited September 2018
    I have catalysts to upgrade him.but I have other champions like Captain America iw,iron Man iw, archangel etc who r im thinking to use resources I raised this question.
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,002
    Archangel is far more deserving of mutant resources than Gambit. Unfortunately.
  • then go for AA if you have him
  • But AA is better I should wait for my luck.
  • AA is a beast unduped so much better then gambit.
  • Ok guys I will save my cc then
  • As others said above, Archangel's damage ability is massively superior to Gambits.

    Likewise Cap America IW is awesome even unawakened.
  • I’ve got a duped gambit & unduped AA. I put my resources into AA, and I have zero regrets.
    I like the comic character of Gambit, but mcoc Gambit is kind of clunky, and it’s hard to maximize his damage. If you have the right Mastery setup, getting those prowess charges built up is a bit easier, but he’s still a slow fight with limited windows of opportunity. His prowess charges only last 10 seconds, his concussion ability only lasts 11. It just feels like you spend way too much time blocking, taking chip damage, & hoping to line up maxed prowess charges with the sp attack you want to use. Aggressive AI makes it hard to build those charges, & defensive AI can make it hard to get off a special before your prowess charges run out.
    With a few tweaks, gambit could be pretty good (maybe make some of the prowess charges permanent after using a special, or allowing the player to use a kinetic or prowess charge to regen, etc). But the way he is currently set up, he’s not a top champ. You are much better off going with AA.
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