Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.

Mercury Inc are recruiting

We're looking to replace a few inactive members: our only rule* is you must play the game - participation in AQ and AW is mandatory. We are otherwise relatively laid-back (no donations, minimums, etc), and finished in Silver 2 (verrrry close to the top) last AW Season. We run Map 2 in AQ most days to keep champs free for other quests and AW, but run Map 3 about once a week.

Line is encouraged but not required. My Line ID is mercuryboss. Contact me there or look up the alliance [HgInc] in-game if interested.

*edit: our other rule is you must be >Level 40, >70,000 Rating.
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