What is the Better Option?

What is the Better Option? 13 votes

Ironman(Infinity War) and Captain America(Infinity War)
AjavedzuffybuttersSpiritOfVengeanceXFA_RebootedOmegaDexionjkcjmijiHanger_29Suel 9 votes
Domino And Massacre
Crooked_Sprook1JustLollolLoctiteSuperGlueLordSmasher 4 votes


  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 1,626
    Better for what?
  • Better for doing quests
  • And please if you like please answer my other form
  • Domino And Massacre
    Domino and massacre for sure
    Massacre- get your bat ignited, insanely high dps and will punch a hole in every target
    Domino- I don’t even feel I need to explain this one but I will. DOT higher than AA, master of RNG, randomly stuns enemies, fluid motion, synergies well with masacre

    These two together are a deadly attack/questing team, one that iron man infinity war and cap America infinity can’t hope to compete with
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