Lag issue

Dear kabam, Its have been half of months going to end but still not fixed lagging problem by kabam. I think ,kabam should take serious action on this.Its really difficult to playing game .So please fixed this. Thank u. Kabam


  • C'mon, you should know by now that if a bug affects players negatively that Kabam doesn't have any desire to fix it quickly, whereas if it affects their pockets, they are all over it ASAP.
  • Yeah right! I got lagging and overheating issue I never trust kabam
  • Hi,

    I know that lag can be very frustrating in game and I'm sorry to hear that you are having these issues.

    If you would like to report issues with things like lag, crashing or other performance concerns after the 20.0 update, please do so in one of the dedicated threads below. This will help us gather the important information we need and keep the forums a bit more organized.

    iOS Lag and Performance Issues Thread

    Android Lag and Performance Issues Thread
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