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So ever since this update 14.0 was released you've caused major bugs with Dormammu and I have waited patiently for a response from an admin and have seen absolutely nothing from anyone. Normally I wouldn't care if it was a small issue but you've literally destroyed his abilities and haven't even said a word to the countless posts about it. I have bought a totally of 8 featured 5 star crystals and only won 1 featured champ so far and that was Dormammu and he is 1 of 2 Rank 4 5 stars that I currently have so it goes without saying that I use him quite a bit and depend on him for certain content. At least address the community with some sort of response to the problems and make it known that you are working on it. Don't just sit there and ignore all the threads about these issues.

Just to clarify he does not imbue at all anymore and Soul bond charges and dark energy charges are completely messed up(gaining 1 point at a time after ending a combo with a medium attack, no points after your opponent does a special, without being able to imbue you can't regen, power drain, etc)


  • cccar1420cccar1420 Posts: 57
    They have already responded to another post about the same issue saying they're looking in to it
  • KingyakoopaKingyakoopa Posts: 203
    They ain't responding fast enough... This is stupid how they keep screwing up!!!
  • DIESEL0505DIESEL0505 Posts: 13
    You are right! Before the update Dormammu has more power. After the update he is only good for the defense. PLEASE FIX HIM KABAM
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