CHAMPION BUG REPORT - King Groot [Under Investigation]

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Description of Bug: King Groot’s poison damage doesn’t scale up along with his fury buffs.

King Groot is able to apply poison debuffs via his Special Attack 2. Additionally, King Groot has regular cycles of Fury (innate) and Regeneration (when awakened). In this game, damage over time effects will see an increase in the damage per tick if the person who inflicted the effect has a fury buff at the time it is inflicted. For example, Sabretooth will inflict a flat bleed damage amount as long as he doesn’t have any furies, but his bleed damage will increase as he builds up fury buffs, which in turn increase his attack rating.

King Groot’s poison debuff is not scaling properly with his fury buffs. As you can see in the pictures below, King Groot has no fury buffs and inflicts a poison that damages for 60 health per tick. Then you see him with 4 fury buffs, each of which should increase his attack rating by 137.75. This time, he applies 2 poison stacks (if he has fury when using an L2, 1 fury is consumed to place an additional poison stack), which damages for 119 per tick, or roughly 60 per tick, per stack (rounding). The fury buffs are making no difference on the damage per tick.

This particular King Groot has an attack rating of 522. With 4 fury buffs, his functional attack rating is over double that at 1,073, yet the damage per tick for the poison he inflicts doesn’t increase, severely limiting his damage output.

Credit to @Greenstroke for making me aware of this one with his post here:

No fury buffs active, poison damages for 60 per tick per stack.

Four fury buffs active, poison damages for 60 per tick per stack

Device and Version: iPhone SE
Device Operating System: iOS 11.4.1
Mobile Carrier: Verizon
Cellular or Wifi: Both
Game Version Installed: 20.0.1
Game Mode: Realm of Legends
Champions Affected: King Groot
Active Boosts: None

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