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Regarding the new Dexterity set up

Just to be clear, I DID post this in the mystic dispersion and dexterity thread, I just want to widen my base of viewers to get more responses. Please do not remove this post!! Now, please read on.....

Can someone specify how dexterities timer works? When you evade/dodge, you get a precision buff. However, after the next successful hit on the opponent, it then starts a very short duration precision buff. Does my next successful hit after a successful evade still have increased critical rate, or is the actual precision buff merely activated by the first hit, but not effective until the second hit of my combo?

If it works the way I first proposed, then that's fine. However, If its the latter of the two, then dexterity needs to be reworked (again) because rank 1 of dexterity doesn't have enough time to be active to even land a hit on the opponent. Im pretty sure the buff expires between being activated on the first hit and then being deactivated right before the second hit, which is pretty useless in my opinion.


  • SagetrofholzSagetrofholz Posts: 125
    You have the buff effect on your first hit, it just starts to expire immediately after that. They made it so the initial precision buff isnt constantly expiring thus feeding MD. If you have multiple points in dexterity you get the boosted crit rate and precision timer after your first hit. So in theory it can benefit multiple hits with more points but I've noticed that with most champs it expires to quickly to be of any real use.
    @Sagetrofholz thanks for the insight. just wanted to double check!

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