17M high prestige 6.6 ally looking for 5

We are looking to create a roster that can achieve plat this season.

We don't have event minimums.

We easily clear 5x5 AQ every week. Class cat every week rank in 400 AQ

We are respectful and fun to be around.

We have arena grinders and some whales that keep donations going. ( so you can focus on leveling your roster) Usually able to give breaks on gold donations.

We want to find that missing part of the team. We have a group of players who have lost interest in the game. So this is a chance for us to find new skilled players.

If this is you and then dont hesitate and contact me ( Hollowbandit on line) same name in game.

Please North american time zones only.

I hope to be working with you soon.

best of luck out there in the contest summoners,

( line and in game name Hollowbandit
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