10m gold-2 alliance hiring

Hi everyone.
We’re a 10m gold-2 alliance and we’re looking for 2 players with rating above 200k.

Here some details: Telegram app needed for strategies and communications; minimum donations to afford AQ55333 or 55533 (15k gold, 6k arena, 3k loyalty); open SA; AQ and wars are launched at about 9:00PM CET (GMT +1).

More useful info: we accept short inactivity time only if prevoiusly informed; we usually achieve the top milestone reward in all alliance events, except for the ones that rely on playing arenas.

We’re actually all italians but some of us are based in the USA, so I expect that there won’t be language problems with english speakers. We will accept players from all around the world!

I will be glad to offer more details if needed.
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