Can't double-evade IronPatriot SP2 anymore (maybe BlackBolt too ??)

Used to be able to evade back twice to successfully evade all of IronPatriot SP2, now the second evade gets caught by him and takes lot of damage. I have confirmed this several times recently. When (and what) changed with his SP2 ? And did the same thing happen with BlackBolt SP2 also ?? I rarely fight them where they reach SP2 anymore, so don't know when this change was made.
Or was this a change to the Evade mechanism (independent of those two heroes SP2's) ??


  • GamerGamer Posts: 3,421
    If u to clouse to Them then u wuld get catch same with YJ.
  • KenshioKenshio Posts: 162
    Gamer wrote: »
    If u to clouse to Them then u wuld get catch same with YJ.
    and medusa sp2

  • I'm evading from IronPatriot the same way as I always had against him. Can easily do 1st evade to keep away from beginning of their spinning SP2, but then try to follow it immediately with a 2nd evade and I get caught by the tail end of his SP2. This never used to happen. Before, you could double-evade and never get hit by it. And don't ever remember the 2nd evade having to be specific timing (unlike the final evade from new Sentinels SP1).
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