Anyone else having problems with dungeons today? 2 out of my 3 rooms, my partner couldnt advance. Also, they couldnt start/end after room was completed. Wasted a bunch of my champs today.


  • Jep. Got stuck at the first tile 😔
  • I brought my 6* and r4 5* into D7. Room 1 I fought the miniboss and when it is done, I got sent back to the map as if I never engaged. I tried to leave and enter again. I tried restarting the game. Every time I tried to get into dungeons I got sent back to the start screen.

    My partner eventually cleared room 1 without me, and I was able to get into room 2. Except my team was somehow changed to 2 unranked 3* and 1 unranked 5*!!! I did not survive thebfirst fight agter dealing 200+ hit combo.
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