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Psylocke Uses

Good Afternoon,

I just recently pulled a Psylocke and have enjoyed playing around with her, my question is why are more people not using this champ. Her damage is a little on the low side but her ability to completely deny power, and chain three or four sp1s in a row is pretty sick. Before I rank her up any more would like some honest opinions on her, from the community at large. Does she deserve a spot on the roster or no. My roster right now for everyday questing is Sabertooth, Wolverine, Corvis Glave, Killmonger, and Sentinel/Rouge, the last slot is a bit of a revolving door based on what I need at the time, would Psylocke be worth the resources to rank her up.



  • EvilEmpireEvilEmpire Posts: 639 ★★★
    She does pretty well in arena for bad matchups because she controls power infintly if you don’t screw up 🤷‍♂️ That’s about it for me. Doesn’t hit hard enough for anything difficult imo.
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    She’s underrated but she just doesn’t have that umph to really make her an amazing champ. If they made it to where the opponent is actually power locked at 0 power if she has at least one psi charge she would be demi god tier for sure. But she’s not very reliable in AW against mystics because of MD and power gain and Hyperion. Her damage output is a little low unless they’re at 0 power, too. All in all, she’s only amazing if you don’t get hit and use her against champs that don’t have power gain buffs.
  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    Recently saw somewhere that she's an excellent counter to the new aq boss
  • Shes a good power drain champ. Hits kinda a soft but mines (4*) duped at 3/5 an i love her
  • Bdavis_2017Bdavis_2017 Posts: 245
    She’s not bad, but magik is superior in every way
  • KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,043 ★★★
    If you can build up enough psi charges and land a heavy she does great damage. She gets a nice crit damage boost the lower the opponents power bar is as well. If you play well you can keep them at zero power, every 5 hits she gains a psi charge, you just have to be able to maintain a combo or they get a power gain buff from hitting you. Her L3 is pretty good too, 5.5 second stun and burns 100% power per psi charge, also locks their power for 10 seconds. I think she hits pretty hard as a 4* 5/50.
  • She’s not bad, but magik is superior in every way

    Not so. Psylocke power lock is passive, can be used on kingpin/av/debuff immune
  • nebneb Posts: 429 ★★★
    Honestly, kingpin is easy if you just keep baiting his sp1, I wouldn't want to deny him power and take away all those free openings.
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,264 ★★★
    She’s not bad, but magik is superior in every way

    If you’re comparing power control abilities, magik has nothing on psylocke other than being easier to use. If utilised correctly psylocke is much more effective than magik and she doesn’t rely on debuffs to do it. If you’re good at intercepting, psylocke should have full control over the fight once you get set up. Her crit damage is decent and her ability accuracy reduction is nice too. And whilst she may lack damage for most of the fight she can take a massive chunk of health away at the end. After you’ve built up her psi charges and you use that heavy it’s a great way to finish off. There’s an awful lot I could say about psylocke but to keep things short I’ll just say she’s arguably one of the best (if not the best) power control champ available. I would take her over any other personally. I only wish I had her as a 5* as well as 5/50. Excellent champ.
  • SmashSmash Posts: 808 ★★★
    You have Sabretooth, Wolverine and Rogue in your quest team which are better champs in my opinion. Why add another mutant? Go with another class so you can have more class advantages.
  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 529 ★★
    I like the mutant class, not sure why I should care all that much about class disadvantage/advantage its just a little bit off your attack and a little boost to his not much of a deal for me.
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,065 ★★★
    She's my power controller when I quest with AA. Good synergy, +10% Power Gain.
    But, you don't need her right now.
    My opinion.
  • spaceoctopusspaceoctopus Posts: 1,093 ★★★
    Because like Civil Warrior, there's just so many better options. But if she's all you've got, more power to you. I used her for quite awhile as my main power control champ.
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