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Am I the only tired of the same offers week in and week out? I do appreciate the option for us to acquire T2A/T4B/Sig stones, etc...but how about a new offer?

I would love to see the 5* pick you class offer again, or basically any offer that guarantees a 5*. The Legendary crystals are a joke! Some of us need options on narrowing down champion options more than we need more T4B, etc. I love the Marvelous crystals, just bring the price down a bit & offer them more regularly. Or offer 5* crystals like the Dungeon ones so we have better chances.

My problem is not resources, its champs. My pulls lately are garbage. Yesterday I duped by Jane Thor. While she might have her uses I am not giving her any resources, nor the Groot or Juggs I recently pulled. If you want my money, give me an offer to buy 5*s.


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    Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    I think the offer was $500. I don't need specific champ offers, just ones similar to the Marvelous crystals where you get a new 5*. Lets face if most of the "trash" champs are the old ones.

    I am just willing to spend money on champs, not resources.

    Oh and I am pretty much done with dungeons, I am absolutely sick of them. This new extended format is just not for me.
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