Want to focus on ranking up champs ASAP?

NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,127 ★★★★
My alliance is focussing on AQ instead of AW. We are all at the point in the game where we need to concentrate on ranking up our champs instead of doing war for more shards. What good are more champs if u don't have the resources to rank them. We are still running war with 2 bg just for fun with no boosts or potions. We finished last season as a gold alliance. We like to have fun and joke around with each other. We like building friendships more than just playing a game. We also use line app. Line is required since we do most of our coordination thru it. We are currently running maps 5 thru 2 depending on bg and member strength. Donations are not mandatory since we r trying to rank champs. We all just give what we can when we have extra. If this sounds like something you would be interested in send me a message. Our alliance name is Select Few [SF77]. Thanks for your interest and time reading this.
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