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Alliance War tier 4 but nodes are tier 3

So I wonder if anyone can help with this. We've been tier 4 for a long time. We've had a good start to the season and won all 6 wars so far and i figured we'd push to tier 3 soon. When i checked the nodes on our current war they're the tier 3 nodes. Higher champion boosts, biohazard on path 8, explosive personality on path 7. But our tier is still showing as tier 4. Has this happened to anyone else?


  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    Map nodes and difficulty reflect the highest tier of the two alliances, which in this case is your opponent
  • FrostyFrosty Posts: 484 ★★★
    It means your opponent is tier 3.
    Whenever people get matched from different tiers the map is chosen at random
  • SupermanojSupermanoj Posts: 84
    So we fight the harder nodes but don't get the same rewards? Pretty stupid isn't it?
  • SupermanojSupermanoj Posts: 84
    For reference though. Our war rating is 2297 and our opponent is 2298. So that one point is enough to separate us from tier 3?
  • DTMelodicMetalDTMelodicMetal Posts: 2,785 ★★★★★
    Broken matchmaking mechanism that has yet to be acknowledged
  • SupermanojSupermanoj Posts: 84
    Can a mod comment on this? I mean I have no issue fighting harder fights but what I do have issue with is spending resources to try and win which will not give rewards that correspond to the difficulty. We're losing out on the multiplier. Plus the shards. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious
  • JokersJokers Posts: 29
    I agree Super. If an alliance is forced to fight on the harder map, then they should reap the rewards from the higher multiplier and rewards. If the system is smart enough to put you in the higher map it should also be smart enough to put you in the higher tier for the fight.
  • Tdaddy54Tdaddy54 Posts: 1
    Fighting tier 3 nodes but getting tier 4 rewards and multiplier doesn’t sound like a very good system. Can we at least get some clarification on this from a mod?
  • Ultra8529Ultra8529 Posts: 526 ★★★
    If this is true, it is a huge bug. Needs to be addressed ASAP!
  • TacoScottyTacoScotty Posts: 407 ★★
    This is not a bug. This has been asked and answered many times. This dates back to the creation of AW before seasons even started. If two alliances are matched which have different maps it will randomly choose one of the two maps. I have experienced both fighting on harder map and easier map in past. As far as I know this has not changed. This mainly happens when you are close to going up / down a tier which has different map or if you do match making with less than 3 BGs at off peak times. In these instances, each alliance still receives rewards from the tier they are in - neither their opponent nor the map influence this.

    In the past it wasn't a big deal but would be nice if for AW seasons they grant both alliances the multiplier of the alliance whose map was chosen. It needs to go both ways -> if easier map is selected, higher rated alliance suffers lower multiplier. If harder map is chosen, lower rated alliance gets rewarded with higher multiplier. Either that or just take average of multipliers and that is what gets awarded to both to encourage top alliances to face each other more.
  • Tdaddy54 wrote: »
    Fighting tier 3 nodes but getting tier 4 rewards and multiplier doesn’t sound like a very good system. Can we at least get some clarification on this from a mod?

    It really does suck, but it's how it has been. Should have been changed long ago, but Kabam gonna Kabam...
  • SupermanojSupermanoj Posts: 84
    That's the main thing that annoys me. It wasn't such a big deal before war seasons started. Now that it has then it really can make or break the season at times.
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