Who to awaken

I just got a 4 star cosmic awakening gem, who should I use it on? Or wait for something better?


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    You gotta show us who you've got if you want an answer, that link leads to nothing.
  • Its the only way it's letting me post a picture. I'll just list them off: Corvus Glaive, Venom, Pheonix, King Groot, Angela, Groot, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Drax, and Black Bolt.
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    Save it for medusa or Hyperion. Corvus is fine with out dup. Not sure if venom will need dup tho and angelas sig is useless.
    King groot, groot, black bolt and kamala are trash and drax and Phoenix are average champs
    King groot has one of the best regens in the game, makes him a tank in long quests. venom just got a buff, so he might be worth it as well. I don't have corvus, but Ive heard hes a very hard hitter and the best for war attack. all others aren't worthy of the gem. Angela has the worst signature ability in the game, so definitely not her
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