Realm Of Legends II

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There is quite a leap from ROL to LOL. I’m not quite ready for LOL, nor am I sure I want to take on such a thing. Super long fights. Tons of resources. I probably will eventually, but anyway....

The game has come a long way. There are so interesting new champs and nodes. So many fun possibilities.

I’ve been longing for an in between challenge to bridge the gap from ROL to LOL. Same basic approach, but with some more interesting fights. Throw in some unique nodes. Increase replay incentive by perhaps adding a time leaderboard, or number of hits leaderboard. Something that could to be a source of competition for us.

Perhaps the rewards are tiered, so you could keep trying to improve and increase rewards. This model has longevity


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    Isn't that what the Road to the Labyrinth is?
    A bridge between the 2
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,535 ★★★
    I suppose technically that is it’s purpose. Structurally and thematically it is quite different than what I am proposing, and lacks the sustainable competition aspect. Do you not like the idea?
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    we will probably have something bigger then lol earlier
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