Starlord vs Hyperion

Who is more worthy of generic sig stones? I completed act 4 and got myself 20 sig stones.

Starlord vs Hyperion 33 votes

Hyperion sig 33
MrLalowM1k0rinHammerbro_64My_Superioruthy99 5 votes
Starlord sig 33
Haji_Saabmum_m2CapWW2IksdjvanKozelDarkWaynedavyRoOOtstufan_1974AwroenderQuatre_1988Stagedear8510or_StrongTheRealmKeeperNamelezTheTrueBeastAnkalagonnPaulo_PkSairam44Iron_spider1Webby72 23 votes
Wait to dupe medusa
Adv 1 vote
Wait to dupe voodoo
issamaf80 1 vote
Any other champ (suggest pls)
KDoggg2017Mitchell35LoctiteSuperGlue 3 votes


  • TheRealmKeeperTheRealmKeeper Posts: 213
    Starlord sig 33
    Starlord, Hyperions sig ability scales really really really poorly
  • Any other champ (suggest pls)
    Scarlet witch, void, taskmaster
  • IksdjvanIksdjvan Posts: 227
    Starlord sig 33
    Once you have Hyperion at level 20 you have enough buff duration to get that sp2 chain going so put it into starlord
  • Thanks for the inputs. Went with starlord even though I am a big fan of hyperion.
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