Champion Buff Idea: AntMan

Passive: AntMan shrinks and grows his armor to prevent himself from losing more than 10% health from any single hit.

Passive: 20% chance to place a fatigue on the opponent from light attacks. (Fatigues last 10 seconds each.)

Passive: Damage increases by 250 per debuff on the opponent.

Signature Ability: Using his Pym Discs AntMan has a 15% Chance to Evade an incoming attack and all non critical attacks against AntMan are Glanced and cannot activate any ability.

Special 1: Each hit has a 25% chance to proc an armor break and the last hit has a 50% chance to stun. (Armor breaks last 8 seconds. Stun lasts 3.)

Special 2: Guaranteed Critical hits. Venomous ants feed on the opponent and convert all Fatigue to Poison. (Poisons last 10 seconds)

Special 3: 100% chance to stun the opponent for 4.5 seconds and place a permanent Fatigue on the opponent. Abilites are increased by 10% for 60 seconds (Signature Ability excluded.)

Dynamic Duo: (Wasp) Both champions gain 20% crit rate.
Enemies: (YellowJacket or Ghost) All champions gain 5% crit damage.
Science Rocks: (SpiderMan Classic Miles Moralis SpiderGwen) AntMan Spider-Man Classic Miles Moralis and Gwen all gain a 10% chance to evade.
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