Dungeons - Aspect of Evolution Node bugged.

So just faced a Dorm in Room 7 dungeon. He had Rage + this node. It's the one which switches your health bars for 5 seconds after 10 seconds.
The first switch happened when he was at 93% health and I had 100%. After that, I died when he was at 75%. Next fight he was at around 58% when the switch happened, but when it was supposed to revert him to 58%, it gave him 93% instead. This same thing kept on happening and I lost all my champs to this stupid bug.


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    GabrowGabrow Posts: 15
    I can confirm this, a magneto killed me in dungeon 7 bc it always healed huge amounts when switching back...
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    OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 543 ★★★
    edited October 2018
    First, "Aspect of Evolution" is the node on AW node 30 where the opponent gets buffs based on how much power they have at the moment.

    The node you are talking about is "Aspect of Chaos." It heals/damages to get the changes, not just a straight swap. This causes heal block to prevent the heal, and limbo to reverse the damage, and recovery to increase the health gained.

    It also interacts with Rage, where he can only take 2.5% damage from a single source. The swap is a single source, so it dealt 2.5% damage, leaving him at 93% and likely giving him a rage buff.

    That would be a nasty combination of nodes, especially against Dormammu.
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