How much of a help is Sentinel in Variant 3 ?

KerneasKerneas Posts: 493 ★★
I pulled this dude today as a 5* and I used my 5* tech AG on him, because I have always wanted to have him. I have heard he can help with V3, but I don't know how much. Does he make V3 a piece of cake ? Or is it just useful champion ? Or sth between ?


  • TheManFromMarzTheManFromMarz Posts: 25
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    He doesn't make it a piece of cake, but the nodes benefit him.

    Nodes (that impact Sentinel):
    All classes but Tech attack reduce by 50%
    Sentinel gains analysis charges faster.

    Honestly if you have some hard hitting champs, they might be more useful than sentinel.
  • Xyresic_LemonXyresic_Lemon Posts: 126
    He's an absolute god in V3. Seatin did an initial completion run with his R4 4* sentinel and he still did really well. Super good for the kang fight also if you need someone for that. Rank him and use him, you won't regret it for a second
  • Ragnaroky12Ragnaroky12 Posts: 49
    I used a lot 4* r5 sentinel, i ranked up him only for V3, with the node that buff him, he's able to end match quickly. He's also useful for his immunities
  • JestressJestress Posts: 1,192 ★★★★
    As an owner of a 5* R5 sentinel, and someone who has fully explored V3, he is very useful. While he cannot be used for every fight in V3, I'd say he is the go-to option for about 80-85% of fights. Honorable mentions include archangel and stark spiderman.
  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 1,947 ★★★★
    You need him
  • WoozieWoozie Posts: 354
    I 100% explored with a 4* Sentinel who I used as much as my domino (fire synergy)
    As a 5* he would be insane, he literally doubles his damage in V3 per hit as soon as you hit 100 Analysis charges (takes less than a minute).
    Watch Seatin's initial completion to see exctly what I mean.
    One thing is though his back draft and his intercepts feel a bit different and almost clunky - would definitely practice using him before going into V3 boosted etc.
  • TaZ_4178TaZ_4178 Posts: 324
    He is most likely the best champ you can use to put it simply although I have tried out sl and he seems to be great in most fights as well!
  • MilesHolmwoodMilesHolmwood Posts: 125
    He makes it a piece of cake. I did it with an r3 unduped.
  • Cryptic_CobraCryptic_Cobra Posts: 526 ★★
    The big 3 champs imo for V3 are ghost, sparky, and sentinel. If you have one of these champions, you have enough fire power to get through the majority of paths, and the paths your champion can't handle can have a diverse 4* roster pick up the slack.

    That said, I consider sentinel the best option of the 3, as while he can handle about as many paths as the other 2, he does so with very minimal cost, with a lower skill requirement.

    I run 2 accounts, one own's a r4 sentinel, on own's a r5 sparky. I have 100% variant on each, and I preferred the experience with sentinel, and can only imagine how easy it is with a r5 sentinel. An example of sentinels strength is (on the account with r5 sparky) my best option to one shot bio hazard korg was 4* setinel (who btw i had still been bringing alongside sparky in almost every chapter) 4* Sentinel was also my best option to deal with bleed collosus and regen kang.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 4,033 ★★★★★
    He makes 95% of it cake, his ramp up time is halved and his damage is doubled and most difficult fights he’s the top option for
  • BboychoboBboychobo Posts: 138
    my unduped 6 star walked all over it
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 669
  • Doc_HollamonDoc_Hollamon Posts: 164
    I r4 him for v3 but he has legitimately become one of my favorite champs to play with. He duped as well so it makes building charges extremely easy
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