Uncollected guidance

With the new calender on the way I decided to buckle down and go for the title after sitting on the last 5.2 quest to build my skill level and I have never watched any videos to see the Collectors abilites and I would like to see if there are any tips that could help me push through his last 33% health after using 1 l2 team revive, 1 l2 revive and a handful of farmed l3 pots from RoL.

This is the team that I have in the quest currently. I have made the mistake of bringing Blade because I thought the Collector had a villain tag.(poor research on my part) so my game plan moving forward is to pop a team revive when I get more units, run through Blade, AA, GR, the Voodoo hopefully bringing him to 18% then finishing with Venom.

If anyone can provide any tips or another game plan it would be much appreciated.


  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 240 ★★
    This is where you take the glass cannon (or super evader), you brought specifically for the Collector, and only use 20% revives until Collector is done (standard internet advice for Collector)

    Not having said glass cannon (or super evader), pick the guy you caused the most damage with, and use 20% revives until complete. Never use heals.
    Only use 40% revives, when you run out of 20%'s.

    With 46 units, this is gonna suck (most online guys recommend bringing at least 1000 units, to make sure you can finish fight)
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