Arena Problems

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*sigh* I honestly am tired of the Thanos and Kang team in arena. It’s always something each and every round I play. I see they’ve upgraded their strength by duping champs and even r2ing some of them, but getting them to fire special is the most annoying mechanic I ever ever seen. Why the hell are they so passive??? I honestly wish they would get rid of both teams. Today I reach my limit. I was fighting round 11, and because of the terrible passive game play, I was caught with an sp 2 and lost the 2nd fight, but before I could salvage the round, I was hit with a connection loading screen. I patiently waited only to get this. I thought no big deal. I clicked ok and it immediately gave me a 2nd lost. The fight never started. What happened to fight recovery? It’s my 1st time playing for the day so it should’ve kicked in no? Now what? Wait 12 hrs (cause I was using 6’s) and start over? Yeah that sounds like fun. 🙄😑😒


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    Sandbag for 11-15, 2 high rank 1 low rank 4*, you face weaker kang thanos teams, and bring champs who kill before the sp3
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    I never use that method. Means I got play more rounds. They could just tweak the mechanics a little so we can play normally. If they are able to raise the fights levels to match gamer ranks why not that? Why make us tip toe around those 4-5 rounds?
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    Look the problem we all are facing right now, I had earlier. The data lost the same way as today and took away my streak. It’s like I got the advanced copy of the bug.
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