Champs slide back for no reason

Bug1// my champion evades while blocking causing me to take damage because the champ stops blocking after the evade. Champs should still be blocking if the RNG triggers evade while getting hit. Bug 2// My champ automatically slides back at random times during combat even though I haven’t swiped left. It also happens when my hand is not on the phone at all. Happens a lot after a special. The champ slides back to the left for no reason causing the computer to attack me while sliding


  • CarwishCarwish Posts: 26
    I have had this happen a lot recently too. I thought it was just me, that my i-pad was reacting in a peculiar Fashion if I was just hovering my thumb a ways above the screen.
  • OwlkitOwlkit Posts: 37
    This is also happening to me, I am also on an iPad.
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