Who to R5? Quake or CapIW?

Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 736 ★★★
Hey guys

I'm close to being able to R5 my Quake via a 4-5 Science Gem that I have been saving. I already have a Void but don't want to R5 him and I'm waiting for CapIW.

I'm not a great Quake player but have been practicing and I am OK. But I do like what she gives my team (against stun immune, against evades, can pair with Nick Fury, etc).

But do you think she is worth R5?

Or should I wait to pull CapIW?

Who to R5? Quake or CapIW? 33 votes

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Another science champ (please specify)


  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 736 ★★★
    Wow no love so far for Quake? Haha.. Where's Dorky Dave?!?!
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 883 ★★★
    Unless you’re are great using her, I’d go with capiw.
  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 2,786 ★★★★★
    I'd wait tbh
    You don't have Caiw, and there's no telling when you'll get him. As you said, you're also not great with quake. She requires skill.
  • Justin2524Justin2524 Posts: 736 ★★★
    Could we have a discussion as to why CapIW is better than Quake overall as a champ??
  • soumasouma Posts: 14
    If you can use quake like a pro then go for her.
    CapIW is pretty clear choice for rank up any day, you won't regret it.
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