Dr Doom Epic side quest

No matter who I take I can't take more than 50% health, getting there is easy, taking him down is not, I can evade 1 or 2 sp1 but that is about it.. Don't have quake, or human Torch.. Who is the best counter.?


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    I took him down with ghulk, doom is a tanky fella
  • He is I honestly had 3 people get the ko he is seriously tougher than almost anybody
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    I used HT to start, parry parry parry to build up smolder and then used Fury to bleed him out...haven't one shot him yet though..
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    Oh...don't use Heavies or SPs...
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    Hellow said:

    Blade is good he gets DS from either mystic or villain synergy
    Void is good but probably bugged

    Void (and his Petrify) worked fine for me yesterday in Duels. Haven't used him in EQ yet, though.
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    If his specials are the issue use power control
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    She-hulk, SG, Void, Magik, etc
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    this is my 1s ever go at him in EQ so .... had no idea how his special work, none the less it was a solo

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