Suicides vs despair

Which tree is better for what , what should i choose and what's the main difference?


  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,128 ★★★★
    I run a mix of both. Ofc it depends on your top champs as well

  • RobertkoRobertko Posts: 47
    All depends if your champs are suicide friendly or not, and I am assuming you would also have willpower locked.

    Top suicide champs are Corvus, Omega Red and Ghost. Robots like Darkhawk also benefit from suicides, as do Dormammu, Iceman and Emma Frost.

    Conversely, regen champs and champs who need to spam sp1 are gimped by suicide. Blade and Ghost Rider both lose some regen, as does Dr. Voodoo.

    Suicide masteries also hurt alliance war defense, and you just cannot tackle certain nodes/champs (like void) if you will have debuffs on you.
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